Boh and Silmaris were player characters in an "evil" Dungeons and Dragons game. They are indexed together here because, well, it's not really worth giving them each a separate entry.

Boh was, simply put, the epitome of evil amongst Halflings. Short, feral and bloody minded, he was a cleric of a nebulously defined evil god. He liked to slaughter innocent people, torture prisoners and perform unspeakable acts. His greatest moment came when he raped and killed the GM's "vital to the plot" male NPC.

Silmaris was a male human Psychic Warrior. With a chain. And possibly some leather and tattoos. He was rather homoerotic, but we could never figure why. Possibly because he had no personality otherwise. There was a constant rumor that Boh and Silmaris were a couple.

At any rate, B&S came across an altar in a deep dungeon. One with grooves cut into it for blood to flow through. One covered in occult symbols. One with an ornate dagger resting on it.

Boh picked up the dagger. He said to Silmaris "Hey, can I bleed you onto this altar?"

Silmaris replied "Sure".

The only other PC present added "Wait until I leave the room first, okay?"

Being the polite evil baby-eating bastards they were, B&S waited until they were gone before beginning the cutting. There was some mention of Tentacles, then the pair of them vanished, never to be seen again.

Oddly enough, that was about the last session.