Name: Cheyenne
Player: Kat
Species: Human
Gender: Female

  • Cleric of Illsundal 17

Age: 25
Occupation: Cleric
Title: Dame (Thyatis)
Family: Adoptive mother, siblings (in another dimension)
Current status: Dead, slain in the principalities of Glantri.

Death #1 (Clockwork Horrors) Edit

Having entered a deep, dark underground cave in pursuit of several clockwork horrors, Cheyenne and the rest of the party encountered several cave-ins. Each time, the party pushed aside the rocks or burst them aside, only to find another passage behind. The horrors seemed to be retreating towards the back of the cave as the brave adventurers advanced.

At the third cave in, Cheyenne pulled apart a break in the rocks, and was assaulted by a cataclysmic barrage of electric shocks and lightning bolts from a massed hive of clockwork horrors behind the wall. Poor Cheyenne was disintegrated instantly, leaving the party gasping.

Rest in peace, Cheyenne.

This is Cheyenne's 1st official death.

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