(Amazon Guards) - Gareth the Ranger was exploring the countries in the Ophis of Karcanon when together with his companions Starek Nightwing, Kirla Karim and Bege the Buffalo, he ran into an Amazon border patrol. The group agreed that they pretend Kirla, the female druid, to be the leader of the group and the men being her pets. So the Amazons complained that they never get any nice men and this woman had three, so if she shared, they'd let the group pass. Gareth was a bit too quick to loudly suggest that the group could hand over Bege (the player wasn't there) as a slave-boy to them, so they could move on. Guess who was handed over by the group, for bad teamwork. Imagine whos stamina wasn't up to the challenge...

As happened on Myra 411 n.P. (1991).

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