Name: Gustave Eugene XIII aka Gustave the Steel

Born: 1220

Death: 1269

Skills: Grand Swordsman

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 235 lbs.

Age at Death: 49

Family: Younger Brother- Philippe-1222-????, Younger Sister- Marie-1227-???. Father- Gustave Eugene-1195-1245, Mother- Sophie-1200- 1239, Younger Half Brother- Gustave Eugene XIV- 1228 to 1230- 1248. Maybe a son but his name is unknown.

Other Info- Banished from his father's kingdom for 20 years, killed his half brother in battle, and fought to stand up for those that couldn't use anima. He was the grandest swordsman to ever live and died fighting for his life, people, and friends.

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