José was a man fast with his hands and feet. Very fast. A good bit faster than the average dude.

In 2043, he got drafted by the corps.

He experienced some really strange s**t. Voodoo priests calling curses down from the sky, and psionic adepts that could turn a brain to mush with a stare. Himself, he learned of his inner strengths and how to use it to become unbelieveably fast and strong.

At a point, he and his teammates were chasing a lone enemy. It was a trap. Just as the miscreant was caught, more of the enemy, sporting powerful full-automatic weapons, emerged form the shadows. Surrender was demanded. Several guns covered our hero.

At this point he all-out attacks the semi-helpless chasee, who is still near. A second later, José's bullet-riddled body crashes to the ground.