Roland Stringfellow was a 14th level ranger who specialized in archery. The party managed to stop a Yuan-Ti infiltrator from destroying the city of Gralsh. Having tracked the Yuan-ti base to a slave plantation some distance into the wilderness, the party decided to investigate.

To make a long story short, half of the party ends up getting killed in this attack. The survivors are able to return with their dead companions to attempt a resurrection, but the high priest of Pelor informs them that the dead character's souls have been imprisoned by a devil in the outer planes and cannot be returned. The high priest suggests that the three souls could be released if one of the party members ventures to the evil temple in town and offers himself willingly in exchange for the three captive souls being released. Since the deceased party members are characters of long standing with the campaign and Roland is the "Johnny-come-lately", Roland decides that he will surrender himself to the evil cult in order to bring the other party members back to life.

When Roland's corpse is found, the party surmises that he had been put through a human sacrifice ritual more terrifying than could possibly be imagined.

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