Romulous, a Dark Elf Assassin, trained from birth to be a lethal and silent killer was felled by his own ignorance and an exploding dragon. In this realm there was a dark and powerfull wizard trying to resurrect dragons to do his bidding. However, he had not perfected the art, so the dragons he called back to life were mere shadows of thier former selfs. Whilst he and his party were fighting one of these demi dragons, he fought his way up the it's back. He was trying to take adamantite chains and attach them to the dragons upper jaw and the other ends to it's wings. The plan was that the dragon's armour didn't count inside its mouth. In one unlucky roll of the dice, 3 of his party members were killed by the dragons breath, collapsing the building they were fighting from. In a rage he climbed over the dragons nose and into it's mouth, and began to furiously stab at it with his daggers. The dragon went for another breath attack, which should have just blown him out, but he was wearing a breastplate of magick absorption, and the dragon rolled a natural 20. We used a house made good hits bad misses chart, scale of 1-100. For his GHBM check he rolled 100, which is DM choice. The DM decides that the armour he was wearing was attempting to absorb all of the breath attack, but in doings so reached it's limits. All fo the breath attack was released back into the dragons gaping maw causing a huge explosion, blowing the dragon's skull apart and Romulous along with it....

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