Rtol Godssmith was a dwarven cleric of a dour, pessimistic dwarven deity. Despite his sour personality, he got along well with his fellow party members, and the newly minted adventurers set out to help re-conquer the ancient dwarven city of Mazad-Dim.

Several forays into the underground city proved exciting and rewarding. The young dwarves grew more confident in their abilities, given all their success in banishing the forces of darkness from their ancient ancestral lands.

Eventually, the brave group encountered several undead beings in the lower caverns. They cautiously dispatched the fell creatures, rested, and went back for more cleansing.

Sadly, the large undead skeletons, working with an invisible (or very well hidden) caster proved too much for the beardlings. All perished as giant skeletons rended their axe-wielding bodies.

OOC: This was a case of "doing too well." We were easily winning every combat, so the DM kicked the next encounter up a notch. And we all died. Good times!