Death #1 (Anubis) Edit

The party had traveled to the Graveyard of the Immortals in the astral plane, where the guardian of dead gods, Anubis, stood watch over his charges.

Having made their way through various defenses of the plane (including Anubis's avatar Beta Khab), the party encountered Bargle The Infamous on the body of one of the dead Immortals, Valerius. After a long battle, they conquered Bargle and his demonic allies. The final battle complete and revenge taken for the death of several of King Karameikos's servants, there remained only one final task: to find a pool of a dead Immortal's blood, and use it to restore life to the Child of Law, Hervakian.

Eventually, the party located such a pool, but before they could make use of it, they were interrupted by Anubis himself, come to put a stop to their desecration. Solara Brezovo bravely distracted Anubis's avatar. Anubis sat on a stone outcropping just above the blood pool the party needed to utilize. Solara, having returned thrust the sacred kama of Hervakian into the blood pool, but as she did so her skull suddenly swelled and exploded, taking off her entire head.

A great remainder of the party was destroyed as well, but fortunately a few characters had remained behind on an astral skiff, among them Seta the Mercykiller. They rescued those few remaining. As the skiff spirited them away, Anubis followed in close pursuit. Unable to outrun him, Seta took up the kama of the child after yet another party member lost their head, and turned to bravely face the guardian of the dead. He turned his balefull gaze upon her. Seta heard a voice in her head as loud as any sound she had ever heard. "DEFILER!" It screemed into her mind. Her head swelled, and exploded, killing her instantly.

All but two of the party were eventually killed by the pursuing Anubis, but fortunately a God Call by Rune Dog to the Immortal St. Cuthbert brought about salvation. Seta's body was reanimated, still headless and still clutching the kama. She held it forth, and the mighty power of St. Cuthbert drove Anubis back long enough for the Child of Law to be reconstituted. Anubis, facing the channeled pure power of an immortal, withdrew, and the part was saved.

Eventually Seta was restored to life (and got a bath) and began adventuring with the party once again, but that is another story for another time.

Rest In Peace, Seta the Mercykiller...

This is Seta's 1st official death.