A pair of Elementals in our Changeling: The Lost LARP.

They started out Sid and Nancy, but ended up Bonnie and Clyde - going down in a hail of bullets and explosions.

Their downfall began when Sid had given a kilo of cocaine to another member of the freehold to sell, and split the profits with. The aforementioned member disappeared and before Sid and Georgie found out he had been rescued, they decided to raid his Hollow in search of their cocaine. Instead, they found a team of mercenaries who were hunting Changelings. Sid and Georgie avoided capture at that time, mainly because there was so much cocaine in their system that the tranquilizers had no effect.

With another Changeling, they decided to attempt to kill the mercenaries by flooding the maintenance tunnels with propane and gasoline, then setting it on fire. Unfortunately, a sniper decided to shoot Sid after he dropped the lighter, making it impossible to control the explosion as they had originally planned. The entire suburb went up in a great big ball of flame.

Miraculously, Sid and Georgie survived.

Sid's fetch stirred up some trouble by pretending to be Sid and claiming responsibility as a "domestic terrorist" act designed to initiate an anarchist revolution against the capitalist dogs. Of course, the real Sid isn't smart enough to understand half of his supposed manifesto. However, the publicity did cause the True Fae that was hunting the city to decide to delay his hunt for a year.

They were told that the mercenaries belonged to the evil Omega Corporation, that was trying to capture and experiment on Changelings. So, the pair hatched The Mission - to smoke out the Omega Corp. from one of its secret locations. However, the police were somehow warned before hand and set up a barricade, which Sid and Georgie plowed through in their stolen car. The car flipped, sending propane tanks everywhere, and as they were spinning, Sid shot one of the tanks and it exploded.

Then the car exploded, and Sid, already grievously injured by the hail of police bullets, was rendered into charred flesh. Georgie tried to turn into a firestorm, but had her ability's canceled mysteriously by the Omega Corp. representative - then she too died from the second or third round of bullets from the surviving police.

Thus passed Georgie and Sid. They're in Paradise City now, where no one dies from 17 car pile-ups and there's always plenty of cocaine.

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