Shadowrun 3ed edition, Playing 'Demolition run', one of the SR Missions, and the dwarven tech whiz and his shaman buddy were heading to the basement to place the last demolition charges. The shaman had made herself and the dwarf invisible earlier for the upper level guards, and had dropped it on herself but left it on the dwarf. They weren't aware of the troll in the basement and the troll had been warned about intruders and was lying in wait.

The shaman was at the stairs covering the rear in case they missed any, and the dwarf opened the door in normal fashion, confident in his invisibility. The troll wins in initiative, and steps into the doorway, sees the mage, drops the shotgun to waist level and opens the choke, aims and fires a burst.

Unfortunately Mr Troll's waist level is Mr Dwarf's head level. Mr troll rolls 10 successes, Mr Dwarf rolls his full combat pool plus his 1 karma dice with no successes, rolls 4 body dice and gets 4 1's, and his head basically evaporates.